Do You Know the Facts About Waste Management in Exeter?

The landscape would look very different if waste management in Exeter wasn’t supervised, proving the importance of recycling and disposing of rubbish properly. Dumping waste in rivers or sending it to local landfills will not only have a negative impact on the environment but also, the economy. Improper waste disposal is linked to pollution, landfill leachate, surface water contamination and soil contamination. What’s more, it could affect the municipal wellbeing of a town or city. With waste management services you can become a green citizen and help create job opportunities.

Why is Waste Management Important?

More than 177 million tonnes of waste is produced in England every year, so just imagine how much is produced around the whole of the UK! A big portion of this will be recycled, but only so long as waste management is supervised. Methane is produced when waste breaks down, and this greenhouse gas is a contributing factor for climate change. The chances of environmental damage lower when you manage waste. In addition to this, businesses that recycle help in developing a more sustainable economy.

How Can it Be Prevented?

There are a lot of different options for waste management in Exeter. One is hiring a skip. Containers can be hired in various sizes, so there is something suited to every home improvement project. Once filled, the skip will be taken to a waste disposal facility where the contents can be sorted for recycling. Another option is to visit a waste transfer station and put waste in the correct container. A broad spectrum of waste types will be accepted, such as Asbestos and household wastes.

Regulating Landfill Site and Landfill Waste

If something is biodegradable and recyclable there is no need for it to end up on a landfill. Why, you ask? Well, these types of waste will either break down naturally or can be recycled and transformed into something new. Recycling helps to reduce the effects of global warming because it reduces the demand for the production of new materials. Pollution and contamination become a problem when waste isn’t disposed of in the right way, but with waste management in Exeter, reports can be generated to make sure site and landfill waste is regulated.

When you take control of waste management in Exeter with EMS Waste Services you can help reduce landfill leachate. Call them for more information.


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