Do You Have Rats Around Your Property?

As soon as you suspect that you may have rats around your property, you should contact professionals in pest control in Palm Beach Gardens to remove the rodents and help protect your property.

Seeing rats and other rodents around your property can be worrisome for the whole family. These pests can bring disease into the home, damage property, and contaminate any food stored for the family or animals.

These rodents may also bring pests and bugs such as fleas and lice into the home. When you act quickly by bringing in a team of professionals for pest control in Palm Beach Gardens, you can eradicate the problem at its earliest stage.

Rats Breed Quickly

If rats have found a warm place and access to food and water, they will feel safe enough to breed, and what may have been a minor problem at one point, can become a much larger issue, including threatening the health of the whole family.

You may not see rats or other rodents around your property, but if you encounter rodent droppings that look like large brown grains of rice, you should contact pest control in Palm Beach Gardens as quickly as possible.

For some families, the first sign of rodents around their property is hearing scratching noises, as rats enjoy climbing and looking for loft spaces and warmer areas at the top of a building or home. As rats are more likely to move around at night time, you are more likely to hear them walking or running around in the upper spaces of your home during the later hours of the night.

You will often find rat damage around your property, as they like to chew on plastic and wood to keep their teeth in good condition. It is also common that they gnaw electrical wiring, which can start a fire if sufficient damage has been caused.

You should also be aware of food packaging that has been opened slightly, as this may be a sign that rats or other rodents have eaten your food.


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