Do We Really Need Our Own Electrical Generators In Chicago?

If everything was ideal and electrical power delivery to our homes, offices, workplaces, factories, etc was totally 100% reliable without any fluctuation, power drop or cutting out, then our only need for personal generators would be when we left the City to go camping or boating at places where there is no power grid. Furthermore, most of us in such circumstances could get by perfectly well with a small portable one.

But, Real Life Is Not That Perfect

Remember that time a while back when the lights went out all over New York for a night or so? Here in the Windy City we can joke about it along the lines of the unplanned baby boom that arrived 9 months later. However, not only is there a possibility that the same thing could happen here, there is the reality that (albeit on a smaller scale) it is already happening.

A mass of equipment is employed to make electricity and deliver to our power outlets. Power plants do suffer equipment breakdowns and stoppages. Main and transmission transformers can and do fail. The power companies do conduct planned maintenance programs to reduce the possibilities of unexpected failure but this can never be 100% successful. In addition, transmission lines can be knocked out due to strong winds, heavy snow, falling trees, etc. Unexpected outages may not be a regular occurrence but they remain a distinct probability. Some may be corrected very quickly while others may take quite some time before normal power is resumed.

It’s Much More Than Having Nothing Else To Do Than Go Early To Bed

We talk of the “Stone Age” as being a time when mankind was reliant upon stone tools for their society to function. Today, we could say that we live in an “Electric Age”. This does not stop at providing power to light up our homes (etc) in the dark. What about our freezers and fridges, our intruder alarms, our entertainment centers, our air conditioners and winter warming systems – the list goes on and on. Just think what happens to our computers after even the slightest blip in their power supply.

Backup batteries and UPS devices can store electricity and cut in when the main supply fails but, they do not store all that much and will quickly run out. This is why backup generators in Chicago are a feature in a growing number of households and commercial enterprises. Power cuts out; they trip in and life goes on.

The purchase, running and maintenance of generators in Chicago is not as expensive as you may think and you could well recoup your investment after one major power outage. If you are currently without, you owe it to yourself to check out one of the leading suppliers like Penco Electric Inc.


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