Discover the Amazing Beauty of Quartz

You have heard of quartz watches, but there is also much to love about quartz if you are more likely to spend your time browsing an Online Jewelry Boutique than contemplating the gears and other inner workings of a wristwatch. Quartz is a relatively abundant mineral, but a valuable one, and it is a favorite of people who love beauty and Healing. Crystals & Gemstones For Sale often include several varieties of quartz, as it never goes out of style.


The Many Varieties of Quartz, Each More Beautiful than the Last

You might think of quartz as being clear, but it can actually be almost any color.  Did you know that amethyst, the birthstone of February, is a type of quartz? Nicole Designs All offers stackable Goddess Rings in charming pink rose quartz and elegant, natural gray smoky quartz, but these are only some of the varieties of quartz available at the Online Fashion Jewelry Boutique and in nature.

Which color of quartz you are most likely to see in nature depends on your geographic location. If you have been to the Shenandoah valley, you have probably seen the sun gleaming off of the colorless quartz in the rocks beneath your feet.  Brazil has some of the most colorful quartz varieties in the world, from amethyst to yellowish citrine to green prasiolite. India is home to a beautiful variety of quartz dumortierite, which is a dusky blue color mixed with gray and purple.


Express Your Inner Beauty with Quartz Jewelry

There is a reason that quartz jewelry is a perennial staple of the Online Jewelry Boutique.  It is very durable, with a hardness of seven (diamond, the hardest mineral, has a hardness of ten).  Its crystals are naturally angular, making it an excellent choice for funky, chunky jewelry.

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