Digital Wallcovering: A New Age of Design

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Home and Garden


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For years Wallcovering has been considered an afterthought. It was the pea green of your local hospital. It was your Grandmother’s horrid pastel paisley. But we have reached a new era. Just as 3D printers are changing the way we think about how goods are manufactured, Digital Wallcovering is changing our thoughts on the nature of interior design. With digital wallcovering, we can transform our walls into beautiful vistas and serene glens. The crisp, clean printing brings to life the finer lines and curves of the designs. From sleek, ultra-modern patterns to the more traditional, digital wallcovering is breaking down the barriers of what is possible in the field of interior design.


A digital pattern printed on fabric-backed vinyl could be the aesthetic boost you are looking for in your office. A drab workplace can cause uninspired employees and, much worse, unimpressed customers. A beautifully constructed building would be considered drab without the proper care taken to ensure a beautiful interior. Digital wallcovering gives your wall designs personality, but also provides a sharp resolution and a high-definition aesthetic to your interior.

What Goes Into Digital Wallcovering?

Type II wallcovering is the typical choice for commercial applications. It’s used everywhere from hospitals, to schools, to offices. It has a nice balance of durability and variability in its application. This wallcovering usually consists of a decorative layer that houses the digital patterns we see. Typically, the decorative layer will be coated with a protective polymer in order to increase its durability. The second layer is referred to as the intermediate layer, or ground. The decorative layer is printed on the ground. Then the whole piece is backed by a substrate, typically a woven or non-woven fabric.

Standards of Wallcoverings

The federal government requires specific standards for the various grades of wallcovering, ensuring you quality when you buy. They are tested for a number of factors: colorfastness (ability to hold color), washability (ability to withstand washing), crocking (ability to resist color transfer in the case of contact with the covering) and many others.

Digital Wallcovering and You

In the digital age, every decision you make impacts people’s perception of you. Making great decisions when choosing the appropriate wallcovering could be the tipping point of important first impressions. These interactions are vital to presenting yourself at your best. Adopting the newest technology is always at the forefront of your mind, why should interior design decisions be any different. Keep an open mind and explore your options, there is a digital wallcovering out there that will suit your taste and your purposes in equal measure. The best will always speak for itself.

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