Different Types of Storm Damage that Can Occur

The roof is one of the most susceptible parts of the home during a storm. The threat from storms comes in different forms. These are the different types of damage that can occur from a storm. The wind, rain, snow and ice can potentially contribute to all of these types of damage.

Missing shingles or roofing tiles is usually the result of Storm Damage from the wind. The force of the wind can sheer the bonding material. This causes the shingles to fly off and can quickly turn them into projectiles. Since the purpose of the shingles is to direct the water away from the roof, this protection is lost. The water starts pooling up on the roof and will eventually get into the home. A thorough inspection is required since the missing shingles may not be visible from the ground.

Water tends to be the most invasive type of damage due to its ability to sink into cracks and crevices. Any type of damage to the roof can allow water to get in. Once it breaches the waterproof barrier, the damage soaks through the ceiling. This can cause staining and weak spots in the roof. Depending on the area, the damage can remain hidden until the mold growth occurs and causes a health hazard in the home.

Storm Damage from strong winds can also cause tree branches to crack and break on the roof. This can cause structural damage to the roof. Structural damage can be the most difficult type of damage to repair. The fall of heavy branches can be unpredictable. This depends on the strength of the wind and if the tree has been previously damaged in another storm. Usually, these repairs involve the entire roof and may require alternate accommodations until the repairs to the roof are complete.

These are few of the different types of damage that can occur during any type of storms. Once the integrity of the roof is breached, more damage can occur. After the storm is over, the roof should be inspected. If there is the suspicion that damage has occurred from a storm, contact. You can also like them on Facebook.


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