Different Types of Police Equipment

Police play a very important role of maintaining law and order in the society. To do this, they undergo extensive training courses that are tailored to teach them both simple and complex tactical strategies. Only those who learn and prove themselves able to handle and operate the various police training equipment graduate, and are allowed to serve the community.

Here is a brief review of some of the common types of police equipment.

Tactical Equipment

As the name suggests, this is a group of equipment that are used in tactical missions. They include tear gas guns, riot shields, battering rams, singer person rams, two person rams, automatic rifles and the list continues. Unlike other equipment, they require a unique set of skills and expertise, and only officers who are trained to handle them are allowed to carry them. A simple mistake can have serious repercussions such as death.

Crime Management Equipment

These are police training equipment that are used to manage crime scenes. Most of the officers prefer not carrying them in person, but usually have them in the vehicle. They include road flares, tape, and portable barricades. In addition, they carry radios to communicate with fellow officers when they encounter such an incident.

Restraining Devices

They are often used to manage crowds during riots or theft. They include zip ties, handcuffs, pocket knife, and handcuff keys. The pocketknife can be folded and used using either hands if need arise. Other secondary weapons that one should learn to use include pepper spray, batons, and collapsible batons. Officers will sometimes also carry a pepper spray that is prepared using oleoresin capsicum. This spray causes skin and eye irritation as well as respiratory complications such as throat and coughing irritation.

Protective Equipment

This refers to a group of equipment that helps to protect the officers from unforeseen occurrence such as gunshots. Police officers are required to wear a bulletproof vest when going for tactical missions. The vest is basically a body armor that is comprises of multiple layers of tough fiber that prevent bullets from reaching the body. Despite the fact that vests are very effective in preventing bullets from penetrating the skin, you might experience some trauma due to the impact. In the police academy, you will be comprehensively trained to wear the vest. Police are also required to wear a belt holster for carrying small items such as pepper spray, batons, and flashlights.

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