Different Types of Police Car Push Bumpers

You may have looked at a police car recently and noticed a black device on either the front or the back of their vehicles. These are what they call police car push bumpers. These are used to help law enforcement eliminate the damage done to their vehicles and are also capable of turning over vehicles that have been flipped around. They come in a number of different models lengths and configurations for the needs of emergency vehicles of all different types.

Bumpers with Pads
Some of these police car push bumpers come with pads on them for added durability and protection. They are typically more appealing to the eye and are very durable. These are the bumpers that you will see most frequently on police vehicles today. They have an innovative design which is constructed of parts that are machined, interlocked, and then welded. This helps to create a bumper that is extremely tough and defect-free.

Other Push Bumpers
There are some push bumpers on the market that are made with coated steel and are designed for larger vehicles such as trucks. These bumpers are traditionally very easy to install and look new for quite some time due to the fact that it has a powder coated finish. These types of bumpers are used in police vehicles as well as on large SUVs. They are made of steel and will last for many years and still look as new as they day that it was purchased.

If you are looking for a smaller push bumper that doesn’t cost you a pretty penny, there are some on the market but they may not be very high in terms of quality. These bumpers provide added protection to standard vehicles, but are not typically used on emergency vehicles because they are not strong enough. They are still fairly durable and if they have not been wrecked into a lot, will still last a fairly long time on a standard-sized vehicle.

Police car push bumpers are one of the most important pieces of equipment available for police vehicles. They help keep their vehicles safe from damage, and are also useful in helping other cars get out of trouble. They come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and configurations, and are a must have for any emergency vehicle. You can purchase them at a number of different police equipment stores online.


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