Different Kinds of Green Business Signs in Washington, DC

Businesses are choosing to be more “green” for several reasons. In colloquial use, being “green” means employing environmentally-friendly techniques. Such techniques means choosing energy-efficient appliances that require less energy to run. It also means using sustainable materials that are sourced sustainably, which do not have as much of a negative effect on the environment as other materials. Some of the greenest and most sustainable materials are actually waste materials. If you’re looking for new business signs, you should consider ones made from industrial byproducts.

Coconut and Bamboo

Coconut shells have been used for many different things recently. They’re used to make sustainable charcoal, for their fibers, and much more. When they are processed into different products, some parts of them are discarded as extra. An extra coconut shell can be used to make business signs in Washington, DC.

A company such as Award Crafters Inc. uses discarded bamboo and coconut shell fibers to make sustainable signs. Those signs look and feel like wood, but are actually made from coconut and bamboo.

Wooden Signs

Wooden business signs can also be sustainably sourced and produced, which is especially true if they’re made from reclaimed wood or repurposed wood. Reclaimed wood is wood that is taken from other uses such as old houses, barns, and old signs to be treated and made into a new sign. This is a great use of old wood since it gives you a great sign with a very unique patina. Also, it does not contribute to further deforestation. You can use wood that has already been chopped down, which means no new trees need to be cut down. Such use is one of the ways you can make wood into a green, sustainable sign material.

There are many different choices for signs. If you want something green, you should look for a company that specializes in green signs. View website for more details about the best business signs in Washington, DC.


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