Different Chemical Types Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Different Ways

The year 2014 was one of the worst years for bed bugs on record, and 2015 was not much better. The year wraps up, and families are planning ways to get rid of bed bugs without a lot of hassle and even more pulled hair. The cold weather is the perfect time for bed bugs to fester, and they most certainly do. Between the warm climate provided to them through the heater and the extended time people stay indoors, bed bugs are primed to attack and spread.

One Area at a Time
So how do families get rid of these awful bed bugs? How do they keep them self-contained? The couch is a popular area to find bed bugs. It is possible to spread bed bugs throughout the house, including from a couch to a bed. It is a lot easier to keep the children off the couch than it is to keep them out of the bed. By focusing on the couch, the diagnosis is a lot easier.

Bed bugs are almost impossible to spot with the naked eye. They also do not traditionally attack during the day. This is why they are so prevalent at night. Thankfully, there are chemicals that specifically seek to make bed bugs active, which allows homeowners to see where they are. Some chemicals will actually fulfill the role of a bed bug pheromone. It will attract the bed bugs to move erratically. If they are present in large numbers, they will become instantly recognizable and visible. It acts as an alarm that wakes and stirs them into activity.

Targeting the Eggs
The best chemicals do not necessarily target the bed bugs directly. They actually target the eggs and the nest. Bed bugs do not live long. By eradicating the eggs, the population will vanish. Chemicals that target the eggs usually come in a liquid form, but some chemicals come in a powder. These are the least effective. The reason is that the powder can only cover certain portions. The bed bugs must make contact with the powder.

The best method to get rid of bed bugs is to contact a professional at website. These over-the-counter chemicals are often not strong enough to completely eradicate bed bugs. They all promise the same thing, but they use very different methods to get there.

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