Determining the Cause of Blockages with a Drain CCTV Survey in Gloucester

Every day, thousands of litres of waste water is transported away from your property through a series of pipes. Over time, these pipes are faced with many different elements, from fat and grease to hair and toilet paper. If an unpleasant smell starts to arise from the inspection chamber, there is a high chance that the drains are blocked. When this happens, waste water will not be able to leave the building, which could result in home or garden flooding. For a drainage contractor to choose the right tools and equipment for the job, a drain CCTV survey in Gloucester must be conducted.

Hiring Professional Assistance

Thanks to advancements in state-of-the-art technology, it is now easier than ever to inspect the condition of pipelines, sewers and drains. By hiring a qualified and experienced CCTV surveyor, you can get a comprehensive report detailing the plumbing connections, invert levels, drain condition and flow directions. The professional performing the drain CCTV survey in Gloucester should also be able to provide you with a quote for potential repairs. It’s worth getting these surveys completed every year or two as a way of avoiding expensive repairs and replacements.

Colour CCTV Systems

Whether you want to get pipes measuring 75mm in diameter inspected, or sewage systems measuring 2,000mm inspected, you can feel confident that there will be a colour CCTV system to suit your needs. Most cameras used to conduct a CCTV survey in Gloucester will be explosion proof, and will be designed with pan and tilt capabilities. This means that no matter where the potential blockages or damages may be, the colour CCTV system can be adjusted to generate a clear image.

Mobile CCTV Equipment

In some cases, the layout of a building or location may cause certain restrictions. When this happens, a CCTV survey in Gloucester will need to be completed with mobile CCTV equipment. There is no need to rely on van mounted equipment with this method, which could save time and money for the customer. Whatever the outcome may be, whether it’s a trapped football, grease and oil build-up, or foreign objects causing a blockage, the professional will do what it takes to ensure drains are flowing properly before they leave the premises. Portable equipment will provide a comprehensive report, so that nothing goes unnoticed.

If you have been dealing with over flowing water and bad smells, get touch in with Total Drainage Services (South West) Ltd for a drain CCTV survey in Gloucester.


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