Details About How To Put A Child Up For Adoption in Oklahoma City

In Oklahoma, the adoption process involves a series of steps to allow biological parents to give their child a loving home. It also enables prospective parents to acquire a child when they are unable to naturally have their own childen. The following are details about how to Put a child up for adoption in Oklahoma City.

Accepting Applications for Adoption

The agency accepts applications for adoption on behalf of the biological parent. They conduct background checks for all applicants to determine if they have any history of crimes against children. The assigned caseworker must also review the applicant’s income and work history. They must determine that the applicant is safe and has the means to support the child.

The Assessment by the Caseworker

The caseworker meets with the prospective parents and completes a home study. They inspect the entire property and ensure that the parents have adequate space for the child. They ask the parents a series of questions related to their lifestyle and their daily routines. The purpose of the home study is to determine that the home is safe and that no risks are present.

The Interview Process for Biological Parents

The biological parent has the right to interview all applicants interested in their child. They have the right to make all final decisions about these applicants and identify any issues they have. They are not limited in their line of questioning. They report their findings to the caseworker.

The Final Hearing

The parents attend a final hearing in which the adoptive parents become the legal guardians of the child. The judge presents the parents with documents that must be signed and officiated to complete the process. The child has the right to decide if they want to change their name or not.

In Oklahoma, the adoption process requires several steps to complete. The biological parents must sign away their rights to the child. They must also complete consent for adoption with their chosen adoption agency. Parents who want to put a child up for adoption in Oklahoma City should Get in touch with us to set up an appointment to complete this process today.


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