Design Features to Consider with Glass Wine Cellars in Sugar Land TX

Whether you recently started buying wine or already have an impressive collection of labels, all vintages need to be stored correctly to prevent them from spoiling. Building dedicated glass wine cellars in Sugar Land TX will ensure that the elixirs remain full-bodied and robust. Below is a list of some of the key features that should be taken into consideration. Remember, a cellar can be complex, and this is why a professional needs to design and install the glass-enclosed wine cellar.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Many who love wine pursue their dreams of having a wine cellar for the ability to showcase their collection and to protect their investment in a climate-controlled environment. Any fine wine requires a precise temperature and humidity control for optimal aging. This is what creates the most robust taste. The precision is multiplied when there is a glass component involved. The professionals at Lone Star Glass are trained to ensure that the proper cooling unit is installed for each cellar.

Interior Design

Showcasing a wine collection behind glass walls opens up the space of a home in a timeless, classic way. It allows a cellar to become a focal point in a home. There is a variety of racking systems available, ranging from metal to acrylic or wood. There are endless options allowing for a custom look. Choosing the right design for a glass wine cellar can be a big task, but there is no need to do it alone.

Airtight Door

Similar to weather stripping around windows and patio doors, a wine cellar door should have an airtight seal. This will ensure that airflow and humidity in the rest of the home don’t seep into the room through gaps between the door, frame, and sweep.

Accessories to Consider

Don’t forget to include a drawer or drawers to store corkscrews, labels, cork and such. Consider having stem-ware racks to store glasses incorporated into the design too. Also, think about including some type of counter space for decanting, or setting cases of wine on. Some enjoy displaying their decanters and aerators.

For professional assistance with glass wine cellars in Sugar Land TX, call on Lone Star Glass. The team will do everything possible to ensure that you are happy with your investment. To get more information visit


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