Demerit Points, Fines, and Possible License Suspension: Reasons to Hire a Traffic Attorney in Madison VA

The fine for a moving violation in Virginia is no mystery to the person issued a citation as the amount is printed on the ticket. The driver has the option of paying the fine immediately to the police officer, and many people do so with a debit or credit card. It may be better not to react so quickly, however. Moving violations add demerit points to a driver’s license, which may lead to a car insurance rate hike. In addition, the fine can be steep. The driver may want to take a few days and consider whether to hire a Traffic Attorney in Madison VA to help defend against the ticket.

A person who, as a rule, never or only rarely receives citations for moving violations may be inclined to just pay the fine and forget the whole thing. A second or third moving violation within a certain time frame, however, can actually result in a driver’s license suspension for a period of time. In Virginia, points stay on the license for a full two years, and the citation will stay on the driver’s record even longer. This does not leave much margin for error. Most drivers know when they are at risk of losing their license as they may already have received a speeding ticket or a citation for running a red light in the past year or so. They can benefit considerably by hiring a Traffic Attorney in Madison VA to negotiate a reduced citation or work to have the charge dismissed altogether.

The number of points corresponds to the severity of the offense. A driver who is caught speeding seven miles per hour higher than the limit in a 35 mph zone will receive a lower fine and fewer points than someone violating the speed limit in a more dramatic fashion. Drivers who travel along a highway at 87 when the speed limit is 65 may have enough points assessed to lose the license if they are caught speeding just once more within the next year or two. Anyone who is interested in receiving assistance from a traffic lawyer may click here to learn more about the firm Gayheart & Willis.


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