Decorate Like A Pro – How To Approach Home Interior Design

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Interior Designer


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There are as many categories and themes in home interior design as there are colors in the visible spectrum. Often times, the lines between these décor themes are very fine and easy to cross. Other times, it’s clear that one piece of décor does not belong in the same room as another. But how do you approach interior design if you aren’t a professional?

Decorating your interior doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Instead of worrying about whether something is “chic,” “modern,” or “contemporary,” just consider the following.

Setting a Mood

Every room should have its own mood. This is the overall feeling of the room and it is often driven by a single focal point. This focal point is referred to as “an inspiration piece.” It could be a chair, a floor lamp, or a painting. This single piece should encompass the mood of the entire room. It will also supply you with the color scheme and overall theme for the room, so choose wisely.

Give Everything a Function

Many people make the mistake of thinking everything involved with home interior design is just for looks. The truth is exactly the opposite. Every piece needs a function in the room, though sometimes a piece’s function may be entirely aesthetic. For example, the function of the inspirational piece mentioned earlier is a focal point. This is a piece in the room that will immediately attract the attention of people who enter.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Getting Help

Of course, if you don’t like where your design theme seems to be heading, you can always seek help from a professional decorator. Home interior design professionals can help you outline a plan, mood, and theme for every room in the house. Seeking help from a professional is a great way to ensure that your interior design always impresses.

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