Custom Horse Trailers: Don’t Forget The Hitch

If you are looking into custom horse trailers, you will have a lot on your mind. There are so many aspects to consider. You need to consider load, capabilities, size, weight, material and options. You also have to make sure the trailer offers comfort for your horses. However, no matter how much you get caught up in the process, you should never forget to look at your options for one particular piece of equipment – the trailer hitch.

Shopping for a Trailer Hitch

It is easy to forget the hitch. It is often an afterthought. It is an attachment, however, that is vital if you are going to tow your trailer safely. When shopping for a trailer hitch, be sure you consider the two following aspects before you decide to make a purchase:

1. The total towing capacity of the vehicle you plan to use

2. The total weight of the custom horse trailer you are planning to haul

This provides you with the two most important qualities to look for in a hitch. However, you should consider purchasing a hitch that is capable of handling more than the actual current weight of your horse trailer. By doing so, you can allow yourself room for a future upgrade.

Trailer Hitch Styles

When looking at hitches for custom horse trailers, you have several choices. There are:

Aluminum Hitches (Self-Locking): Attractive and durable they usually have an anti-rattle ball system that not only reduces wear-and-tear but also eliminates. Different types are available

Adjustable Hitches: More flexible than other options this option is ideal for different loads and use with vehicles

Weight Distribution Hitch: This type makes it safer to haul heavy loads

These are the most common types available.

Custom Horse Trailers

When looking at custom horse trailers, do not forget to consider the type of hitch you may require. Look at the options. When you are certain, it is the right one, purchase it.


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