Cross-Fit Training is for everyone!

Did you know that cross-fit training was originally designed as a fitness program for the military? As with any exercise program you should always consult your physician before starting, but people in their 60’s, 70’s, and beyond are able to perform these exercises.  If necessary, you can always modify them to work for you and any physical limitations you may have.

When you are prepared to start a Training Program

What should you be looking for in a cross-fit program?  You definitely do not need a place where there is a “muscle beach” mentality.  A place where all are treated equally, from “two left feet” to “I ran a triathlon last week” is so much more comfortable for everyone.  You should look for a place where membership includes both personal and group classes.  Group classes are fun and pump up your energy level.  One-on-one training can help you with learning the assorted movements, any modifications you may need to make, or any other concerns you may be having.  One thing to always keep in mind is to ask questions, many questions.  You can never have too much knowledge or be too prepared.

Exercise is not the Only Element to Getting Fit

Exercising regularly is only one part of the key to getting and staying active.  Getting the proper amount of rest and eating healthy are just important.  A nutritionist can be very helpful in recommending the right diet and the proper caloric intake for you.  With any healthy lifestyle, eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, beans and lean meats will help with weight and boost your energy level.

You Don’t Need to Enlist to Get Fit

Are you are ready to become a whole new you, or do you want to find the person you were ten years ago before the kids? If so, then maybe now is the time to find a Boot Camp in the Woodbridge ON area.  Reebok CrossFit East Woodbridge is accepting new clients. Follow them on Facebook.


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