Critical Services to Invest in to Ensure the Proper Function of Your AC

The summertime heat and humidity can take a toll on your home’s air conditioner. By the time that summer comes to an end, the entire unit could be in desperate need of maintenance and repairs.

Rather than do the work yourself, you can ensure the proper function of your air conditioner by hiring a contractor who specializes in AC repair in West Chicago. This professional can perform vital services that will keep your system running as it should.

Cleaning Out the Filters

Sometimes the biggest challenge to an AC’s function stems from its dirty filters. Filters that get clogged with dirt, grass clippings, hair, dust and other debris can significantly impair the unit’s ability to draw in, cool and blow out cold air.

When the filters are removed from the outdoor unit and cleaned thoroughly, they permit the unit to take in the right amount of air and then cool it properly. The indoor filters also need to be cleaned so that they can blow out cold and clean air into the home.

As a homeowner, you may not know where these filters are located, however. When you hire a technician who works in AC repair in West Chicago, you can hand off the task to someone who is trained and capable of handling it for you.

Filling Up the Freon

Most states prohibit homeowners from buying and using Freon that goes into HVAC systems and air conditioners. This substance is too toxic for laypeople to handle. Further, it can cause significant contamination to the environment if it is mishandled.

A professional contractor has the training and licensing to use Freon in your unit, however. He or she can refill the system to the right level so that your air conditioner can work properly.

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