Create a Durable Roofing Solution With Help From a Residential Roofing Specialist in Ellicott City MD

There are many areas in a home where the homeowner or local handyman can make repairs, but the roof of the building isn’t one of them. This isn’t because the work is complex, although it does require specific knowledge. In fact, the primary reason that homeowners shouldn’t attempt these repairs on their own is the danger involved with repairing or replacing a roof. Another concern is selecting the right product to cover the roof. Thankfully, these issues can be dealt with by contacting a Residential Roofing Specialist Ellicott City MD.

The typical residential roof is made from a thin, three-tabbed, asphalt shingle designed for basic coverage. The quality of these products will vary by grade, and the service life will range from twelve to twenty-five years. This may be sufficient when money is tight, but a better option is to consult with a Residential Roofing Specialist Ellicott City MD and find the product that provides the longest coverage. These include options such as composite shingles and fiber-cement tiles. Fiber cement is similar to the siding product made from the same materials. These are typically tiles that are formed to resemble stone or similar shingles.

Composite shingles provide a Residential Roofing Specialist Ellicott City MD with an alternative to common asphalt products, but they typically have a much longer life. Most manufacturers warrant this type of roofing for the life of the home. Composite shingles not only protect the building, but they increase its value as well. With this product, one can improve the protective quality of the roof and may never need to worry about replacing it again. Browse here to know more.

Not all roofing repairs are as easy as replacing the shingles. Certain types of leaks can do a lot of damages, and if the roof weren’t built properly in the first place, the damage could become quite severe. One example is the lack of a membrane between the decking and the shingles. Some roofing companies will skip this step because they think that the membrane isn’t necessary. However, roll roofing or a similar product provides an extra layer of protection which is necessary with today’s man-made lumber like OSB (Oriented Strand Board) or plywood. Contact Liberty Windows & Siding in Ellicott City MD to learn more.


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