Cracks, Chips And Auto Glass Replacement

If you live in Denver, chances are your vehicle has gone over rough roads. Gravel and stones of various sizes have flown up and struck the windshield or side panels of glass. When you notice this has happened, it is important to assess it. The damage may seem minor but, it could spread. If a crack is left unchecked, it could result in you needing an auto glass replacement and not a repair.

Types of Auto Glass Cracks

Your vehicle windows can be graced by a variety of cracks. Some are more noticeable than others are. Among the most common found to inflict the auto glass of cars and trucks in Denver are:

•  Bullseye/Bull’s Eye: This refers to the shape of the crack on your windshield. It resembles the bullseye of a target. The center is surrounded by a dark circle. The middle reveals where the glass has been ejected. This type of crack means you have a hole in your windshield. Depending upon the size of the bullseye, your care may require an auto glass replacement company to replace or repair the crack.
•  Half Moon Crack or Partial Bullseye: An auto glass replacement may be required if a stone or other object produces a half moon crack on your windshield. This partial circle resembles a half moon but is also called a partial bullseye since it bears similarity to a bullseye crack.
•  Star or Stone Break:  This is the type of crack referred to as a sub-surfaced break. About the size of a coin, it effects only the exterior layer of the glass. The pattern it forms is one of fingers or lines radiating out much like a stylized star.
•  Stress Crack:  Denver drivers are no strangers to what are termed stress cracks. When the temperature undergoes a major change, this type of crack can occur. When a stress crack occurs, you can see a straight (usually) line forming from the side or edge of the windshield and stretches across the pane of glass. In such cases, an auto glass replacement may be deemed necessary to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Professional Auto Glass Replacement

If you live in Denver, you are well aware of the potential safety issues that can arise from driving with a cracked or damaged windshield. If your vehicle is struck by a stone, gravel or some other object, do not hesitate to have the damage assessed. A professional auto glass replacement company will be able to tell you what you need to do to prevent the problem from becoming larger and how to make your vehicle safe for driving again.

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