Considering the Merits of Property Law Services in St. Charles, MO

When there is the need to liquidate assets as part of a bankruptcy action, or just as a means of avoiding the necessity of filing for bankruptcy, it pays to remember that support from one of the firms that provide property law services in St. Charles, MO, can make a difference. Most people have no idea how to go about selling property in order to obtain the best possible results. Here are some of the ways in which this type of service can make a difference.

Defining Real and Personal Property

One of the first things that the team that provides property law services in St. Charles, MO, will do is help the client understand the legal definitions of real and personal property. Real property typically refers to assets that are considered permanent, such as real estates. If the client is going through a bankruptcy and the court has ordered that certain assets be sold in order to partially settle the outstanding debts, the team can help the client prepare and sell that house at the lake, for instance.

When certain kinds of personal property must be sold, it is because the court has determined those assets are not essential for the debtor to maintain a reasonable standard of living. Personal property could be artwork, vehicles other than the ones used to get to and from work, and any number of other assets that are not considered fixed or immovable. The team can help arrange the sale of those assets and ensure the money from the sales is forwarded to the court for distribution to pay outstanding debts.

Commanding the Best Price

The goal is to sell the property at the best possible price. By utilizing one of the property law services in St. Charles, MO, for this type of transaction, the chances of finding buyers who are willing to pay current market prices for those assets are greatly enhanced. This is especially helpful when the aim of the client is to raise enough capital to settle debts and avoid having to declare bankruptcy.

For anyone who needs to liquidate assets for any reason, it pays to have on your side someone who knows how to manage the task quickly and in compliance with any and all applicable laws. Talk with the team at Van Dillen & Flood, P.C., today and the promise of a brighter financial future may be easier to claim than the client realizes. Visit website for more details about the property law services in St. Charles, MO.


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