Considering the Idea of Office Accessories in Milwaukee WI as Promotional Items

When most people think about purchasing Office Accessories in Milwaukee WI, the focus is on buying things that can be used in the workplace. That is fine, but what about the idea of buying some accessories in bulk and using them for promotional purposes? Here are some examples of how this approach can help the company to build name recognition and reach out to new customers.

Business Card Holders

One of the types of Office Accessories in Milwaukee WI that can easily be used for promotional purposes is the business card holder. Think of what it would be like to order a hundred or so of the holders and have them engraved with the company name and logo. They can then be taken along to a trade show and given away to anyone who happens to stop by the booth. Members of the sales team can also take some along and leave them behind after meeting with a prospective customer.

Notepad Holders

Even with so much correspondence taking place online, people still use notepads to jot down quick notes. Why not take advantage of that and have some customized notepad holders produced? The holders help to dress up something that office personnel use every day, and the inscription will keep the company name and contact information in front of those people at all times. Remember to order holders in more than one size, since that will make it easier for the prospective customer to choose one that is a good fit for the desktop that may already be a little crowded.

Desk Calendars

From blotter calendars to appointment calendars designed to reside on the top of the desk, it is easy enough to have these designed so that the company name and contact information are always in plain sight. For an added boost, consider having each page of the calendar include some type of short quote that has something to do with the products offered by the company.

For any business owner who would like to explore the idea of using office accessories for promotional and marketing purposes, contact Rhyme Biz today. It will not take long to identify a few items that would attract attention and help forge new business relationships.


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