Considering Options for an Inground Swimming Pool Installation in Islip NY

Before summer arrives, it would be great to have a backyard pool. After talking with a contractor, the decision is made to go with an Inground Swimming Pool Installation in Islip NY. Here are some of the other decisions that must be made before the work on the pool can begin.

Where Will the Pool Go?

Settling on the right spot for the swimming pool installation in Islip NY does mean taking a few things into consideration. As the contractor will explain, the pool will need to be a certain distance from the property line, unless the homeowner is willing to go through the steps to secure an easement. The proximity of the pool to the patio is also something to consider. Many people find that having it that close works well. Others may prefer the pool to be more toward the middle of the back yard. This is especially true if trees are growing close to the home.

Tile or a Vinyl Liner?

Deciding on how the pool will be lined is another point to ponder. Tile does offer the benefit of providing a smooth surface that is relatively easy to clean. Vinyl is also simple to maintain and offers the advantage of being easy to install. That attribute will allow the homeowner to change the look of the pool by installing a new liner in a different color.

The Size and Shape

What size and shape would work in the space? Some people like the idea of a simple rectangular design that provides room for everyone to swim at the same time. Others are happy with a smaller round pool that is ideal for wading and floating. The contractor can point out the merits of each size and shape option, making it easier for the client to make an informed decision.

For anyone who would is interested in having a pool before summer begins, contact Sky Blue Pools today. A contractor can come out to the home, take a look at the property, and come up with some suggestions for the client to consider. Once the details are settled, work on the pool can begin immediately.


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