Considering New Garage Construction, Hire the Right Contractor in Indiana

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance


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New garage construction will increase the value of your property. The new garage will also add space and convenience. Depending on the layout of your lot and home, some decisions must be made. These decisions start with design and result in a perfect addition.

Long before the contractor in Indiana begins the construction, you will have to deal with many issues. Everything from building permits to deciding on finishes must be accomplished before the first nail is driven.

Design Tips

Try to strike a happy medium with the size. You do not want to fill a small yard with nothing but the garage, but you do not want to skimp on size either. A single car garage should be no smaller than 11 ½ feet wide and 20 feet deep. If you only have one car, but you need storage space, add 50 percent again to either the width or depth. This choice will be dictated, in most cases, by the size of your yard.

Do you want a stand-alone garage, or one attached to your house? You can save the cost of one wall if you opt for an attached garage, although it may be costly to marry the roof of the house to the garage.

Garage Construction Considerations

The first thing to do is apply for an Indiana building permit. There may be certain regulations that have to be followed; these may have an impact on the size and design of your garage.

As there will be excavation work done, plan on replacing or repairing the lawn and garden that were in the construction area. Your chosen garage builder will know how to install appropriate lighting and power outlets once they understand what you have planned for space.

Regarding value and practicality, there is nothing better than building a garage on your property.

Garage construction is something that should be undertaken by professionals. To discuss your project, contact the Indiana Garage Guys serving Northwest Indiana. To request a free estimate, visit

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