Considering Cremation As A Burial Alternative In Federal Way

Not everyone is all that crazy about ending up in the ground. For those who don’t like the idea of a traditional burial, there are alternatives to consider. One approach that has become popular in many areas is cremation. Here are some of the reasons why this Burial Alternative in Federal Way may be just what the individual wants.

Controlling Final Expenses

Many people consider this Burial Alternative in Federal Way because of the cost involved. With cremation, there is no need to purchase a burial plot, have a grave dug, or install a vault. Buying a casket is also not necessary. Instead, it is possible to purchase an urn for a fraction of the cost of a casket. For those who plan on having the ashes scattered, it is even possible to use a container other than an urn.

The lower cost means that grieving loved ones do not find themselves making lavish arrangements that will take them years to pay off. Instead, it is possible to pay for the cremation in advance, buy an urn and set it on a shelf, and have all the essentials ready when the time comes.

Leaving More Land for the Living

There are people who believe that land is best used for those who are still alive. Choosing to be cremated means decreasing the need to establish more cemeteries. The ashes can be given to a loved one, or a small plaque can be placed in a memory garden instead.

Remaining Near a Loved One

Some couples have different ideas about what needs to happen after death. When one party wants to be cremated and the other prefers burial, they can still be together for eternity. Once the partner who opts for cremation passes away, it is easy enough to keep the urn in the home until the other party dies. At that point, the urn can be placed in the casket along with the loved one. The grave marker can indicate that both partners are sharing the same spot in death, even as they shared their lives together.

For those who like the idea of cremation, talk with the team at Cascade Memorial. It will not take long to work out the details, pay in advance for the services, and have the peace of mind that come from being prepared. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.


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