Considerations When Choosing A Wagon Drill

Regardless of how big or small a company may be having the right equipment to do the job is going to be critical in getting done on time and within budget. Having the right wagon drill is important to allow your drilling team to get into tight spaces, maneuver over rough terrain, or even be brought into drilling sites when airlifting equipment in will be a factor.

There are several considerations when choosing the right wagon drill for any job. Of course, most companies will have more than one size of option available, allowing them to take on small or large drilling requirements and have the equipment to match the demands of the specific job.

Drilling Capacity

It goes without saying that using a wagon drill with the correct drilling capacity is a critical factor. Choosing the drill for the torque as well as pull-back capacity for flat surfaces as well as mountain or rough terrain drilling makes a big difference on how fast the job will go as well as how efficiently the drilling is completed.

One of the biggest mistakes for new operators or companies without the right equipment is to try to do too big of a job with too small of a drill. Not only does this add to potential delays and problems with the actual drilling, but it is also much harder on equipment, regardless of how durable it is built.

Mobility and Maneuverability

For ease of maneuverability in small places and on level terrain, a three-wheel design in a wagon drill is a great option. These are typically lightweight and can be easily positioned in place, even when space may be at a premium.

On more rugged terrain or for drilling in hilly or mountainous areas, a four-wheel design offers the greatest stability. These drills typically come equipped with a hydraulic or pneumatic winch to position the wagon drill in place, even when used in almost vertical positions.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance

While the design of the equipment and the capacity is essential, operator safety and ease of operation and maintenance should also be factors under consideration. The top models and designs by leading manufacturers provide a range of options from standard manual or hydraulic controls to remote controls for safety of operation in extreme terrain or for general safety.

Be sure to compare different features, prices and options in wagon drill models and options. There are companies that are willing to customize drills to meet your needs, something that is well worth considering before making a purchase.

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