Consider Budget and What Makes an Ideal Roommate When Moving Off Campus

Living in a tiny room with someone you don’t know may seem exciting when you first start classes at the university. However, it’s usually not long before you realize that living on your own or in an apartment with a roommate offers more space and privacy than living on campus.

One of the things that you will need to consider when determining if moving off campus is right for you is your budget. You need to find affordable apartments near LSU that have a monthly amount of rent that you can actually afford. While this monthly number is important to look at, there are other costs that you need to think about. Some things may include pet fees, moving costs, parking fees, and storage space fees. All of these things can add up quickly, so be sure that they fit in your budget.

Something else to consider is who you will share affordable apartments near LSU with. Your first thought may be your best friend. However, your best friend may not be an ideal roommate. Relationships can easily be ruined when living together and disagreeing about money, cleanliness, guests, and noise. It is often better to find someone who shares similar values and thoughts on how to share chores, spend money, and use their time.

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