Comparing Lead Blocks For Sale

All lead blocks are not the same, particularly if you are buying from a lead specialty supplier. Often when buying from general metal supply centers, you will find just the standard lead blocks for sale, which can be a bit misleading as to the options available.

To help to understand the differences, a quick review of the different options in lead blocks for sale can be very helpful. Remember, most of the lead product manufacturers can also work to create customized sizes and options in most lead products, which may be important for your application and requirements.

Flat Blocks

Flat blocks, which are more commonly called flat bricks, have a standard measurement of two inches by four inches by eight inches. They weigh just about 26.67 pounds each, and they are commonly used for shielding for nuclear and x-ray radiation shielding.

These bricks can be sold as uncoated, which exposes the lead and leaves lead residue and dust, or they can be sold in coated form. The two most common types of coating include epoxy coating, which prevents direct contact with the lead and also prevents dust and residue from the block. Epoxy coatings can chip and may scratch, so they are considered a good option when they will not be moved.

Powder coating provides a more durable coating that can stand up to being moved and handled. It is durable for typical use and is the preferred option if the bricks are to be moved or handled.

Interlocking Bricks

To make boxes, storage containers and lead caves, look for interlocking lead blocks for sale. They have a tongue and groove configuration that allows each brick to be held firmly in place by the surrounding bricks.

These interlocking lead bricks come in a variety of different sizes and can also be fully customized to meet specific size requirements for a particular project. The bricks can be coated using the epoxy or powder coat options as well.


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