Common Questions That Homeowners Ask About Tree Services

Individuals who have trees growing on their property have additional responsibilities besides just mowing the lawn. Trees must be nurtured with care and when trees are damaged a homeowner must contact an experienced company that provides various Tree Services. Read the questions below to find out the answers to commonly asked questions from homeowners.

Q.) Is it important for homeowners to have frequent tree pruning services from professionals?

A.) Due to various reasons, homeowners should have their trees pruned by a professional on a regular schedule. Trees that aren’t frequently pruned can become hazardous for homeowners. Branches that are dead can fall from the tree and cause an injury or damage personal property. When performing a tree service for a homeowner, professionals remove all the branches that are dangerous. Tree limbs that continue to grow without being pruned can get tangled in electric lines and cause a power outage. When trees are periodically pruned, they are also healthier , and they have a uniform appearance.

Q.) Why should homeowners contact a professional tree service instead of pruning their trees themselves?

A.) Pruning trees can be dangerous work, especially for those who don’t have any experience with tree pruning. Professional tree trimmers have special equipment they use so they can reach the tallest limbs on the tree. These professionals keep safety a priority, and they use precautions when working in dangerous situations. Homeowners normally don’t have the special equipment that’s required and standing on a ladder with a chainsaw is very dangerous. Homeowners who don’t know anything about pruning a tree can actually cause damage to the tree if they don’t prune it correctly. When professionals who specialize in Tree Services are called to prune a tree, they know how to properly make the cuts, so the tree isn’t damaged in the process.

Homeowners who need professional services for the health and appearance of their trees should contact Kuhn’s Tree Service. In addition to tree pruning, tree removal, and landscaping, this experienced company also provides firewood sales, snow removal, and emergency storm damage service. Visit the website at to find out more information about their services and to contact an experienced tree specialist. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.


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