Common Products Offered by Oil Fuel Distributors in Gloucester

Are you looking for a supplier of kerosene, diesel, gas oil or lubricants? If so, you will need to contact oil fuel distributors in Gloucester, who can supply and deliver in bulk. Throughout the United Kingdom there are hundreds of companies specialising in these products, which can make the search that little bit more challenging. The best way to find out if a company is worth working with is by reading customer reviews, researching into the company’s history, and browsing their varied product selection. Should the supplier have a fleet of vehicles and give customers the opportunity to buy the following products with a fuel card, they will be worth collaborating with.

Commercial and Agricultural Fuels

You may have heard about 28 or 35-second oil, otherwise known as gas oil or red diesel. This is a type of commercial oil supplied by oil fuel distributors in Gloucester, and it can be used to power non-road-use vehicles, as well as heating and power appliances. Make sure the supplier you work with adheres to health and safety standards when you buy commercial fuels. Other products you can purchase will include agricultural fuels, which will be used on farms for machinery and tractors.


A wide range of industries will require lubricants from oil fuel distributors. When made with high-quality oils, lubricants can be used to protect machinery and vehicles. No matter what the make or model of the vehicle or machine that needs lubricating, a dependable distributor should have no problem in helping you extend the life of machinery. Universal tractor oils, greases, pastes, bonded lubricants and solid lubricants are just a few types of lubricants you can buy in large quantities.

Domestic Heating Oil

Heating oil is always high in demand, especially when the weather gets cold. Prices for domestic heating oil will change throughout the year, which is why it is recommended to buy in big quantities when the product is low in demand, such as in summer. More than 18 million properties throughout the United Kingdom will use it as a main source of fuel for heating. Buying from a registered supplier is imperative if you want to save money in the long-run, be kind to the environment and improve your boiler’s efficiency.

Hobbs Bros Ltd. has been one of the leading oil fuel distributors in Gloucester for more than 100 years. Visit them online to discuss prices for bulk fuels.


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