Common Laboratory Services in Medford, OR

The media has painted an image that laboratories are where crazy, demented tests are carried out. But in reality, a lab is a place where scientists run their experiments in a bid to improve upon common problems and make advances in the world of science. Simply put, a lab is where scientific theory is put to the ultimate test. In some cases, this might involve the mixture of a few unstable chemicals. In other labs, this might involve carrying out complex experiments on animals or even conducting human trials. Either way, governments require laboratory services for a variety of different reasons. Here are just some of the many common tests and experiments that are carried out in modern, conventional labs.

Water Testing

Testing the quality of water is essential for everyday living, and this is one of the most common laboratory services in Medford, OR. Almost everybody knows about the harmful levels of lead in the contaminated water around Flint, Michigan. To prevent such crises from happening, labs regularly test sources of water in different places to make sure that it is pure and clean enough for human consumption.

General Public

Private labs such as also offer general public testing services. They test the local water for microbial, organic, and inorganic compounds. Such laboratory services are also offered to homeowners. If you have an independent well on your property and are concerned about the quality of water, you can contact the lab to carry out comprehensive tests.

Environmental Testing

Private labs also offer environmental testing services for different developmental projects, which analyze the effects of the venture on the surroundings. They provide analytical services for hazardous waste disposal, chemical analysis, asbestos contamination, metallic analysis, underground storage tanks, and a lot more. You can contact private labs to carry out any number of different tests for you, all of which work to enhance your safety.

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