Common Health Problems for Kids

When you are searching for a pediatric doctor in San Diego, usually it is as a precaution so that if anything does happen you know where to go. Raising kids often involves a lot of sickness and health issues, some of the most common being listed here:

Allergies – Allergies can be seasonal such as the runny nose and sneezing fits that come on when pollen is in the air or when a child is around certain animals. Allergies can also be more serious when the allergy is to food or medications and severe reactions that can be life threatening can sometimes happen after exposure.

Chickenpox – One of the most common conditions children get that affects the skin, chicken pox are being vaccinated against now but some children still come down with mild cases of chicken pox and those without vaccination are especially at risk.

Asthma– Childhood asthma is becoming more prevalent and common than it was 50 years ago and this largely thought to be due to the increased levels of pollution and toxins kids are exposed to. Asthma can be mild or quite severe.

Cold or Flu – Just like adults, kids can come down with the common cold and they also are one of the more susceptible demographics for the flu, making it even more important to have a good pediatrician.

Autism– Behavioral and mental disorders are becoming more prevalent and are being talked about a great deal today in the media and autism is one of the leading examples of these mental conditions that are affecting more children today than ever before.

Diabetes – Childhood diabetes still continues to be a problem but fortunately the treatment options are improving and the outlook for children with diabetes is better than it has ever been with proper care!

Nausea and Vomiting – Few childhoods are completed without cases of upset stomach. They be minor problems with nausea and vomiting caused by eating too much or having a small stomach bug or more serious cases that pose a risk for dehydration and more aggressive treatments.

Tonsillitis – While it is not as prevalent as before to remove the tonsil for cases of tonsillitis or strep throat and similar conditions it still does happen and these conditions must be closely monitored and properly treated by a skilled pediatrician.

Help your child stay healthy now and for years to come by finding them the best pediatrician you can. A good place to consider is Children’s Primary Care Medical Group. Give them a call to set up an appointment today!


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