Common Errors When Selecting A Company For Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

For an entrepreneur, inventor or startup company with an idea for a new and innovative medical device or dental equipment, having the idea and creating a model is only the very first step in the process.

The next step and perhaps the most important will be creating a prototype and then being able to bring that prototype to full production. Finding the right medical device contract manufacturing company to partner with is always a critical step and one that is often overlooked by companies entering into the process for the first time.

To help save headaches and cost overruns, here are some serious mistakes to avoid when choosing a medical device contract manufacturing service. These errors occur on a regular basis and may, unfortunately, end up resulting in the inability to actually get the product to market.

Lowest Bid Price is Not the Best

The old saying you get what you pay for does have relevance when it comes to hiring contractors. The biggest risk that anyone takes in choosing the lowest bid without considering other factors is getting a contractor with limited experience that did not correctly understand the scope of the project.

This can result in any number of issues from delays to the inability to complete the project. This is often a major challenge or obstacle in the ability to get the product to market to take advance of a niche sales area before the competition floods the market and reduces the sales potential.

Using Multiple Contractors

The best possible option is to use a medical device contract manufacturing service with the ability to complete all the tasks you require. These companies can handle all of the machining, assembly or other types of processes required.

Having fewer companies or contractors involved streamlines the process. It also allows for easier logistics, less risk of delays and full adherence to all production standards and requirements.

The more companies or contractors that are involved in the production, the greater the risk of a problem. If one company in the chain misses a production deadline, it can result in lengthy delays as companies further down the chain may have other projects scheduled, creating a real logistic nightmare.

Of course, always look for a medical device contract manufacturer with experience and expertise in your particular area. Ask for references and about past projects to get a good understanding of the manufacturer’s ability to work on your project.


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