Commercial tree care services in Atlanta GA

Proper tree care is necessary for the maintenance of healthy trees in your surroundings, the provision of a beautiful appearance to your home, and also to ensure a good relationship with your neighbours. When looking for professional arborists, it is necessary to ensure you get people that are well versed with the variables that may be surrounding the trees. These can include wildlife, electrical lines, fences, and other houses. So before procuring commercial tree care services Atlanta GA located or anywhere else, you need to have clear information regarding the company and its capabilities.

  • A reputable company providing commercial tree care services in Atlanta GA located should have a valid certificate of insurance and a copy of their work contract to ensure that you are insured and not liable to any damage, accidents, or injury.
  • Certification- For the provision of commercial tree care services Atlanta GA located, the company should be certified either by International Society of Arboriculture, Tree Care Industry Association, or Certified Treecare Safety Professionals. In case the trees you want worked on are near electrical lines, then they also need certification from Approved Line Clearance Arborists.
  • Cost and References – As the consumer you should get at least 3 written cost estimates so as to get the best value for your money but also bear in mind the commercial tree care services in Atlanta GA company has provided in the past by availing a current list of satisfied customers of about a month old.
  • Equipment – In case of heavy equipment use that may result in damage to the surroundings, know the company policy commercial tree care services Atlanta GA located on how to go about repairs. You need to be informed of the kind of equipment that the company will be using to avoid unnecessary damage to your lawn, sprinklers, and flowerbeds.
  • Time – You should evaluate the amount of work to be done and compare to the time they say they will take and negotiate appropriately ensuring that they provide measures to clean up well after they are done with their work.
  • Tree care – Some practices like “topping” which is removing live sections from the top of the trees and using spikes to climb on trees (unless they are being cut down) should be discouraged. This is because this practice causes unhealthy tree wounds that take time to heal.
  • Professionalism – A good commercial tree care services Atlanta GA company should be decent in their mode of operations and appearance. They should have a good website where consumers can get all the information necessary and well maintained equipment and vehicles which will ensure efficiency in the work. As a rule, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires the use of personal protective equipment e.g. hard hats for arborists, so a good company should have met such requirements to ensure good commercial tree care services in Atlanta GA.

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