Commercial Roofing in Nassau County NY

Commercial roofs are expensive to replace. But eventually, every roof will wear out. Hiring a reputable company to do roof repairs and maintenance can add years to a roof’s lifetime. That same company will be familiar with the building roof when it is time to put new roofing on. If a commercial roof has more than one layer of roofing, all the old roofing should be removed before new roofing is installed. Roofing materials are heavy and building owners should not subject their buildings to multiple layers of weight.

Roof Repairs

Commercial roofing in Nassau County NY is serious business. The weather extremes can place extra stress on commercial roofing. Flat roofs need good drainage and a level surface that does not have depressions that hold rainwater. They require regular maintenance to avoid leaks. Some commercial roofs need coatings to be applied periodically. A large expanse of roofing can develop problems over time that require repairs.

New Commercial Roofing

Different styles of roofs require different roofing materials. Commercial roofing in Nassau County NY can be different types such as flat roofs, rubber roof systems, hot tar systems, cold tar systems, gravel coated, shingles, or slate tiles. New construction or older buildings all need the best quality roofs so they last a long time and perform well. Each type of roofing has uses and advantages or disadvantages. A good roofing company representative will guide the commercial building owner to the best roofing system for their building.

The roofing company should do the roofing job with the least disruption to the business. The whole building should be protected while the new roof is being installed. There should be as little open time as possible. Older buildings with multiple layers of roofing material need all that roofing material removed and the roofing deck examined and repaired before the new roofing is installed. Roofing materials are very heavy on large areas and can put too much stress on a building when multiple layers are built up.

Use the roofing company that provides the best materials at competitive prices and installs them with the most modern equipment and methods. The company should be licensed and insured. Contact us for more roofing information.


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