Commercial Ice Machines Filling an Industry Need

Ice machines are important appliances for businesses and residential homes. Their primary purpose is to create ice which is normally used to chill drinks and to store food. Commercial-grade ice machines are necessary for fast-food restaurants, grocery stores and hospitals. A medical facility utilizes these contraptions to help patients with wounds and injuries. The following information will further explain the benefits and use of an ice machine.

Commercial Ice Machines

Most people might not realize this but ice machines play a huge role in many industries; especially, in the area of food production. Commercial fishing companies use a flake ice machine to keep seafood fresh for a longer period of time. Without the use of a large-sized industrial flake machine, it would be virtually impossible for millions of people in cities or locations away from waterways to enjoy seafood. Flake machines are also used for storing and transporting fruit, vegetables and other types of meat. Bakeries will use flake machines to keep flour and milk from self-rising once they have been mixed together. This is important for creating lots of baked goods at a steady pace.

Any food item that has to remain frozen or cooled before it reaches a commercial market either uses refrigeration or a commercial ice machine to keep it cold. Large-scale restaurant chains must use ice machines for cooling drinks. These appliances can produce hundreds of pounds of ice on a daily basis which is necessary for meeting customer demand for cool drinks. Ice cream shops need industrial-grade ice making appliances for making their product. Without them, they could not possibly keep up with the demand of many customers. Hotels also need ice machines for their kitchens and their guests.

Science and Construction Applications

Commercial ice machines are also utilized in scientific processes such as biosynthesis and chemosynthesis. The ice is used to control the reaction time of these processes when generating new matter. Construction workers use ice machines for concrete cooling processes. Cold concrete will not crack as easily if it has been mixed and poured at a low constant temperature. Some theme parks and ski resorts use flake machines to generate artificial snow.

Different types of Ice Machines

Ice machines have different designs and styles. They include, flake machines, ice machine head, under counter ice machines and countertop ice dispenser. Each type works in a different way and produces distinct types of ice cubes, but they all rely on the same basic principles. That is to remove heat from out of a liquid to produce ice. The evaporator, the condenser, the compressor and the throttle valve are the four essential components of an ice machine. Ice makers can also be portable, but they are usually freestanding appliances. In closing, no food industry or grocer business can afford to be without the use of commercial-grade ice machines. They’re too important to business’ operations and success. is a leading retailer of commercial ice machines and their accessories. Feel free to contact them to find the right product for your company’s needs.


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