CNC Prototype Machining: Rendering With Precision

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Machine


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Prototypes are exact functioning duplicates of a design. Many companies offer them originally as drawings, requesting further development including a prototype. While there are several ways of reproducing the object accurately, CNC prototype machining is capable of rendering a duplicate with precision and exactitude.

CNC Machining

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining combines the essential tools and skills of machine work with the precise control of a computer. While machining can reproduce a prototype, CNC machining can work easily and effectively with a 3D CAD model. It will input the data information and then translate it for application to the various CNC machines.

By using CNC machining, it is possible to update continually, finding and installing the latest CAD/CAM software as well as CNC machining technologies. This allows machine shops to keep current. It gives them an edge in expanding their customer base by making more options available. Combining this with experienced staff ensures that the prototype will satisfy the customer’s stringent quality requirements, time constraints and base budget parameters.

Overall, CNC prototype machining offers benefits. The machining process produces:

  • Accuracy: Extremely accurate prototypes
  • Precision: Tight tolerances
  • Material: The process produces a prototype in the exact material of a production model
  • Precise prototypes: They are superior to manual machining and comparable to 3D printing
  • Amounts: It is easy for CNC machining to reproduce identically multiple copies no matter what the material is
  • Efficiency: Machining is an efficient and effective production method

When it comes to prototypes, CNC machining is the best method for producing them rapidly and efficiently. The result is a prototype of distinctive precision, acute surface finishes, and high dimensional accuracy.

CNC Prototype Machining

The design process is where new components have their start. The next step is to create an accurate model. This is a prototype. CNC prototype machining is an accurate, efficient and rapid means of producing a functional model – a model capable of entering the manufacturing process.

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