Clemson, SC Anglers: Fishing Gear That Transforms Your Jet Ski

Even though You love to go fishing, not every situation requires a boat, so why not transform your Jet Ski into an angler’s paradise? Here are three types of Jet Ski gear that are ideal for anglers.

Fishing Racks

Fishing racks are popular gear for anglers who also love to Jet Skin. They are designed to hold coolers, water and fuel containers, rods, and accessories. The racks are easy to mount and access while you are on the water.

Extended Rod Holders

For spear fishing and other types of angling that requires longer rods, the best Jet Ski gear is a rack that is designed for extended rods. The rods sit perpendicular to the back of your Jet Ski.

Cooler with Rod Holders

Streamline your new set up with a cooler that is designed with built-in rod holders. This offers a lightweight solution that saves space without leaving your favorite fishing gear on the shore.

Liquid Storage Containers

Whether you need some extra fuel, water, or your favorite beverage, the storage containers for Jet Skis have small footprints and fit snugly against your Jet Ski rack. You can spend hours fishing your favorite spots without returning to the shore.

Where to Find Jet Ski Gear for Fishing

Kool PWC Stuff specializes in jet ski accessories for those who love to fish. You can find rod holders, coolers, racks, storage containers, and more to transform your Jet Ski into an angler’s paradise. If you would like to see more fishing gear for Jet Skis, visit their website at


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