Cleaning A Condenser Unit And Services Offered By A Company That Provides An HVAC System Repair and Installation In St Augustine FL

An air conditioning system’s condenser unit may become clogged with dust after excessive use. By completing the steps below, a condenser will be restored to its original state. A system that has a clean condenser unit will continue to operate efficiently and may even help reduce amount of future energy bills.


  • vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment

  • stiff-bristled scrub brush

  • coil cleaner

  • sponge

  • spray bottle

  • detergent

  • water

  • lint-free cloth

Vacuuming The Interior And Applying Coil Cleaner

After the condenser unit’s cover is removed, a vacuum cleaner hose needs to be moved over the metal pieces that form the coil in order to dislodge dust. Moving a stiff-bristled brush over the metal components will assist with dislodging pieces that cannot effectively be removed with a vacuum hose. Stains on a the metal piece can be treated with coil cleaner. Once the cleaning agent has been applied, it will foam up. Once this occurs, stains can be wiped from metal pieces with a sponge.

Cleaning Other Interior Components

Soapy water that has been added to a spray bottle can be applied to other interior components that are dirty. A damp sponge that is wiped over each surface will eliminate any soapy film. Afterward, a lint-free cloth can be used to dry each treated surface. Once the unit’s cover has been replaced, an air conditioning system should be turned on to ensure that cool air is blowing through the vents in an even manner.

If a problem with an air conditioning unit ever occurs that cannot be resolved with basic cleaning steps, a company that specializes in HVAC System Repairs in St Augustine FL can assist. After an individual chooses to Contact First Coast Climate Control or another company that provides an HVAC System Installation in St Augustine FL, a unit will be inspected. If a unit cannot be repaired, a new one will be installed inside of a home or business. The owner of a system can receive assistance with routine maintenance in order to keep an air conditioning unit in operable order. A unit that is routinely maintained will continue to operate efficiently for many years. Contact First Coast Climate Control today!


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