Classes You’ll Take in Massage Therapy School Prescott

When you enroll into a Massage therapy school in Prescott, you will quickly find that you are not just there to learn the techniques of massage. In order to have a true understanding of the industry and the work you will be doing, you will have to take courses that reflect the industry’s commitment to their clients.

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Kinesiology and Palpitation
  • Communication
  • Business Ethics
  • Universal Precaution
  • Therapeutic Process

Massage therapists are part healthcare professional, part holistic healer, part businessman/business woman, and part customer service professional. The role is a marriage of many disciplines, and your massage therapy school in Prescott is responsible to training knowledgeable and well-rounded massage professionals.

Learn more about a few of the classes you will take to complete the massage therapy curriculum.

Anatomy and Physiology
All healthcare professionals, even those that do not interact with patients, are required to take A&P. As a massage therapist, you will learn about the body’s systems, organs, and their functions. It is important, as one who will spend their career manipulating the human body, to understand the geography of their client’s bodies below their skin. Massage therapy is designed to treat a patient’s emotional and physical wellness, and it begins with a foundation of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Universal Precaution
Like A&P, all healthcare professionals are required to learn how to protect themselves with universal precautions. Universal precaution generally refers to the practice of treating all patients as if they carry a blood borne illness. It is the reason why nurses and doctors wear gloves while giving injections, why needles have safety caps, and why red biohazard boxes are impenetrable by sharps. Massage therapists promote relaxation and trust with their clients, so they do not wear gloves when working on their customers. This class is designed to help students identify possible blood born threats, and allow them to protect themselves accordingly.

Is there any profession in which good communication is not required? Students at any massage therapy school in Prescott will learn the basics of communication, and be given the opportunity to practice their skills in class. The client will put their entire trust into their massage therapist for an initial visit, but clients will only go back to that therapist if they were impressed by their communication and massage skills.

Business Ethics
Ethics may be in short supply in the business world, but it should not be in the field of massage, where establishing your client’s trust is vital to the success of the relaxation business. Massage schools understand that they have a responsibility to teach their students about ethics for the good of both their students and for society.


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