Choosing Virtual Reality Gear for iPhone

Virtual reality gear is a must-have for any iPhone user who uses his phone for VR gaming. While there are numerous excellent options when it comes to VR gear for Android users, iPhone users have had to make do with the Google Cardboard or knockoffs if they wanted to use their phones for VR because an Apple VR headset still has to be made. Fortunately, there are new offerings that are compatible with the iPhone, packed full of nifty features that can hold their own against their more popular made-for-Android counterparts.

Companies like Dodo Case VR are making VR gear compatible with Android phones and the iPhone. The best thing about their cases is that they are foldable, compact and can fit in your shirt pocket. Whether you are an Android or iPhone user, you can enjoy your phone’s VR capabilities anywhere with these cases.

Virtual Reality Gear for iPhone for Marketing

While it is true that any virtual reality headset offered for the iPhone is basically an offshoot of the Google Cardboard, customized VR gear makes these headsets more than ideal for the average iPhone user. Compared to the stark minimalism of Google Cardboard, customized headsets show off the wearer’s personality. Customizable VR gear is also a great asset for marketing and corporate promotion especially for digital and media brands looking at VR to enhance their marketing campaigns.

More importantly, third-party VR gear is designed with different builds, with many of them designed to be compact and foldable so they can be easily carried in your breast pocket. This portability makes VR cases for iPhones ideal for presentations, demo giveaways and related purposes without having to lug heavy pieces of VR equipment wherever you go.

Light, portable with customized designs, this new take on VR gear for iPhones is a great way to enjoy the VR experience for any Apple user. Check out for different VR gear options and how you can choose the ideal VR headsets for you.


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