Choosing The Right Wedding Venue for the Season

Weddings are usually a summer or spring affair – but no groom or bride should be tied down by the conventions of other people’s weddings or the logistical difficulties of a season. There’s a warm beauty in tying the knot among a fiery whirl of golden autumn leaves – and there’s something incredibly magical about having your first kiss as newlyweds in a wintery landscape of ice, snow, and beautiful lights.

However, it’s not just about what season you want to get married in – it’s also about what season your chosen venue can handle. Or what venues each season make available to you.

There are a few choice questions any couple must ask a venue owner before they can make a decision regarding to where they’re going to get married.

Are you available during all seasons/our season?

Right off the bat, you should ask whether your chosen or prospective venue is available during the spring, summer, autumn, and winter months. While most places are open throughout the warmer months of the year, it can be a challenge to find a venue well equipped to deal with a strong winter. Make sure your venue is ready to deal with the issue.

Some wedding venues in LI, such as Windows On The Lake, are ready to deal with any weather and any season.

Are there backup venues for outdoor ceremonies?

One of the worst-case scenarios for any wedding day is a sudden onslaught of wind, rain, or snow in the middle of a ceremony. If the weather begins to become unfavorable, then having the option of taking the magic indoors needs to be made available. Ask your venue owner whether or not they’ve got the right place for your attendance size, complete with backup equipment – or whether they have an indoor-outdoor hybrid venue that can withstand rain while still giving people a beautiful view while the ceremonies take place.

Is there sufficient heating/cooling, and backup power?

From a logistics point of view, wedding venues have to be quite sturdy. They need to comfortably house in some cases several hundred people, with enough food, power and clean ventilation to maintain a comfortable temperature, keep the guests fed and accommodate any kind of entertainment – from video presentations and picture albums to electronic bands.


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