Choosing the Right Shingle Colors to Have Installed by a Roofer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

With a new installation of asphalt shingles, a Roofer in Milwaukee Wisconsin helps homeowners resolve problems with their old roof as well as make a major change to their home’s appearance. With so many colors available in both solid, blends, and heather patterns, customers have the chance to enhance the look of the house with something completely different.

A Significant Investment

The investment in a new roof is one of the most expensive improvements homeowners ever make, so choosing a different color should not be taken lightly. And, it’s not just the price of the materials and labor, it’s also the longevity. This home improvement feature will be in the house for many years to come, so the owners will want to be sure they choose a color they will be completely satisfied with.

Checking Out Other Roofs

In addition to looking through all the available samples from a Roofer in Milwaukee Wisconsin, homeowners might look at pictures of houses in magazines and online. They might drive around their town considering the various roofing features on home with a similar style and siding color.

Doing this, they may notice that ranch houses look attractive with blends of colors while also seeing that colonial houses rarely, if ever, have roofs in a combination of hues. Homeowners with colonial houses may be trying to keep the exterior authentic to the original style. Ranch houses have always included a wide variety of roofing designs, making this a non-issue.

Weather Considerations

Another aspect to consider is that, in a climate like that of southeastern Wisconsin, residents don’t have to be concerned with avoiding dark colors that absorb heat from the sun. While driving around the community, the homeowners are likely to see roof colors ranging from off-white to black on residential properties.

Color Combinations

Professional roofers also can install a combination of shingles in different complementary colors for an intriguing look. A blend of gray, black, cream, tan and brown can create a beautiful visual pattern. Even just using several shades of one color can have this lovely effect. Contact Siding Unlimited for an estimate after making a decision on colors.


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