Choosing The Ideal Warehouse Floor Coating

There are many different types of warehouse facilities, and each has its own specific requirements for an ideal floor coating. There are some coatings designed specifically for commercial and industrial use, but even within those coatings, there are specialized formulations for increased durability with specific wear and use requirements.

To choose the right warehouse floor coating for the facility, take the time to think about the potential demands on the flooring. Then, working with a commercial floor coating manufacturer, choose the ideal product for the job.

Spills and Staining Issues

Warehouses can have a variety of substances, compounds, and products stored within their walls. When the buildings are used to store chemical products, oil, engine and vehicle fluids, fuels, acidic liquids or other types of corrosive compounds and liquids, choosing a highly durable, non-reactive surface of the flooring will be important.

An epoxy coating which provides a non-porous warehouse floor coating is ideal to provide protection to the concrete below while resisting stains and damage from accidental spills.

Wear and Tear

Forklifts, hand dollies, electric vehicles and other types of equipment used in the warehouse can be very hard on the floor coating. Choose a durable, long lasting option designed to have a long life in these types of applications.

Hot tires on many types of warehouse floor coating options will result in damage to the high traffic areas, particularly with cheap quality floor coatings. While quality floor coatings may cost more, they will also stand up to the most demanding conditions, providing a great looking floor for years to come.

Additionally, it will be critical to consider the application process and the drying time for the various coating options. For most warehouses, having the ability to complete the floor coating overnight or over a weekend is ideal to limit facility downtime.


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