Choosing an Interior Design Expert

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Interior Designer


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With the many choices in the Alexandria, VA area, it can be a challenge to narrow down who you should choose as your interior design expert. Here are some things you can look for, and the principles apply equally to residential and commercial spaces.


There is no substitute for experience. This is because there are things you learn while on the job that aren’t taught in schools, programs or certification classes. How to manage time conflicts, scheduling delays, and irate sub-contractors are just a few things that only an experienced interior design expert will understand. With a history of assertive, yet classic architecture and design, Alexandria, VA should have no shortage of experienced interior designers.

Well-Informed About Materials

An interior design expert should be well-versed in the use of a variety of materials. After all, interior design often involves construction of some sort, whether it’s a small wall or a new room, so materials used for a combination of strength and aesthetics are key. But above and beyond structural considerations, the proper choice of materials can enhance the final product as it encourages the use of varied textures. A true interior design expert will have a broad spectrum of textures and materials that they can pick from in order to best design your space. In addition to having a wide selection, they will be able to explain to you the attributes of each and why they would or would not compliment your space.

Proven and Reputable

While it isn’t necessary for an expert interior designer to have an office in the poshest area of Alexandria, VA, the space used as an office says something about the firm. Is it professional? Is it well-taken care of? Is it organized? Is it, well… well-designed? This shouldn’t be a case of the shoemaker’s kids having the worst shoes. It should be the opposite. But even though a great-looking office space is an easily observable plus, a strong reputation trumps that anytime, any day.

Your interior design expert should be known for good work. Some are known for high prices, others are known for being quick. What you want is someone who is simply known for doing good work. You can tell when you talk to former clients. Listen to what they stress the most and don’t forget to check up on the designer’s reputation. It may take a few trips across or around Alexandria, VA to get the info you need, but it will be worth it. Zoe Feldman Design is one such expert firm.

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