Choosing a Sealing Contractor

Maintaining near 100% quality on your products is important. Not only does the quality and performance of your product affect your customer satisfaction, but it also affects your bottom line. When product is defective, it must be discarded and replaced, at your company’s expense. If too many products are defective, customers will find a product replacement.

Because of this, it’s critical that your company choose vendors that provide high quality products and services to you, too. Depending upon the industry you’re in, the quality of your products could impact the health and safety of others, so you expect your vendor to do their part to make your products perfect.

When your product must contain seals, your sealing vendor is one of your most important partners in business, because a failed seal is a failed product. Choose your sealing vendor carefully, considering some of these criteria.

1. Choose a vendor with multiple options for sealing. Some vendors offer only one method for sealing, which may not work with your particular materials. Choose a vendor that can provide impulse sealing, thermo-contact sealing, and radio frequency welding as sealing options. This will allow you the flexibility to use the sealing method that works best with your product’s materials, which is what best ensures that your product will not fail.

2. Choose a vendor that is ISO 9001 registered. By adhering to ISO standards, you can ensure that your vendor stays up to date on all the latest requirements and testing to ensure product quality at every step in the process.

3. Choose a vendor that has design capabilities. By working with a vendor that designs new processes and products regularly, you’ll have access to the newest and best designs.

With the right vendor you’re assured that your sealing process is foolproof whether radio frequency welding or another process is used, your products are being made the right way.


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