Choosing a Reseller Web Hosting Service – Features to Consider

There are good reasons why hiring a reseller web hosting service is better than getting a standard web hosting service. One of them is the lower monthly service charges. The rates for this type of hosting service are cheaper because you are sharing bandwidth and hard drive space with other websites.

But there are certain factors you need to consider when hiring a reseller web hosting service.

1. Reliability

The problem with sharing space and bandwidth with other websites is that website functionality is compromised. So, you need to check the reliability of the reseller if your website will still function optimally if you hire its services.

You can gauge the server’s reliability by the size of the bandwidth and available disk space. That means you need to check the capacity of the reseller based on your requirements and the number of customers currently served.

2. Control Panel

You must check if the control panel used by the reseller is efficient in handling all the websites it is hosting. The control panel serves like an office where users can handle and manage their accounts. For instance, you must be able to regulate your account through a module and be able to manage the email addresses of your clients.

3. Full Support

The company should be able to give your website full support. You must check the response time that the company provides its current customers. This will give you an idea of how fast it can solve hosting problems for your website.

If you meet a web hosting service that possess the above traits, your search for a reseller web hosting service may be over.

A quality reseller web hosting package can come packaged with some of the latest software such as blogs, social networking apps, forums, Xcart, WordPress, Coppermine, Xoops, Joomla, phpBB, Drupal, Mambo, Ruby on Rails, Python, perl/cgi scripts, PHP5, among others.

Evaluate the reseller hosting plans provided by a reliable and experienced web hosting company and choose the one that most closely fits your needs and is within your budget. These plans offer a lot of great features and allow you to get quality hosting services at an affordable cost.


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