Individuals and homeowners who are looking to replace their hot water heaters may find it difficult to select a water heater that meets all their needs. In recent years, there has been a lot of improvements in the technology of hot water heaters.

Conventional water heaters are gradually phasing out and are being replaced by smarter and more energy efficient models. Homeowners with old water heaters can take advantage of this and replace their hot water heaters with newer models that are cost-effective in the long run.

These kind of water heaters are more efficient and can save a lot of costs on utility bills. However, it may be difficult to choose from the newer models of hot water heaters in the market. The following are the different kinds of Hot Water Heater in Monroe NY.

Types of Hot Water Heaters

There are four major kinds of water heaters that are ideal for residential use, and they include the following

Storage Hot Water Heaters

Storage hot water heaters are the most commonly used type of hot water heaters. They make use of propane, natural gas, and electricity as their heating sources. Some models also make use of heat pump and solar technology. These kinds of hot water heaters are not energy efficient since a lot of energy is wasted when the hot water is placed in storage.

Tank-less On-demand Water Heaters

These kinds of hot water heaters are based on newer technology and are not as common as storage hot water heaters. However, they are becoming popular due to their high energy efficiency rating. Energy is not wasted on hot water storage since the hot water is only produced when it is needed. These kinds of hot water heaters are ideal for newer homes.

Point-of-use Hot Water Heaters

Point-of-use hot water heaters are also referred to as instant or immediate hot water dispensing units. They are very similar in design to tankless on-demand hot water heaters. However, they are not meant to supply hot water to the entire house. They are designed to dispense hot water at a single point in the living space. These kinds of hot water heaters can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen, outdoor barbecue area, etc.

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