Chemo Beanies Offer Stylish Comfort And Protection

For many women who have undergone chemo, the one thing they wish they could change is that they were able to keep their hair. Having to lose your hair is a necessary part of undergoing chemotherapy, and while this treatment is instrumental in saving your life and getting rid of cancer, it can be hard to adjust to having no hair. The good news is that there are lots of options for you to wear after you have undergone chemotherapy and lost your hair, each of which is designed to cover and protect your head while giving you a boost of self-confidence. You may want to check out chemo beanies.

What Are Chemo Beanies?

A chemo beanie is a very special type of headwear designed specifically for women who have lost their hair to chemotherapy. The chemo beanie slips right over the head and stays securely in place. It features a soft, draping design which gives you the illusion and appearance of still having hair. Chemo beanies come in dozens of colors, patterns, and styles. Some beanies have a lovely ruffled design, which gives more volume, style, and beauty to your head. Although chemo beanies can be made in several different materials, to give different textures and appearances, each fabric is comfortable, breathable and gentle on the sensitive, exposed skin of your head.

Why Chemo Beanies?

One of the most appealing things about chemo beanies is their unique, attractive and flattering design. Chemo beanies are very versatile and easy to wash and dry. You can get several different ones to wear on different occasions and add a pop of style and color to your favorite outfits. Chemo beanies are also easy to wear! Unlike head scarves, you don’t have to go through the hassle of wrapping and tying them. They also will stay securely on your head at all times.


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