Checklist of Tips to Finding Trustworthy Cabinet Builders

Choices can seem limitless when you’re shopping for kitchen cabinets in Delray Beach. But finding a builder is another question entirely. Not sure where to start looking? Here’s a checklist of tips on how to find builders you can trust:

Know what kind

There are stock, semi-custom and custom cabinet options available in the market, says the Huffington Post. You’ll need to decide on the level and degree of customization that’s going to go into your cabinets first before you make a move.

Make a list

Looking for cabinet makers goes beyond hiring one of the first few names or companies you find. Consider the kind of work, the quality and level of craftsmanship you want and make a list of builders that fit the bill.

Check samples

Once you have that list, it’s going to be easier for you to determine if the builder is right for you when you check out samples of the company’s previous works. That’s going to help you eliminate less than stellar options from your list.

Ask about specialization

Cabinet makers often specialize in different types of projects. Check to make sure you’re hiring the services of a cabinet-making company that can deliver on the kind of style, design and volume you want. If they’re experts at building the door-style or frameless construction features for kitchen cabinets in Delray Beach that you want, then great. Getting cabinets in the style and design you want should be easy.

Factor in fit

Remember that you’re going to let these people into your home to assess your kitchen and get a good feel for the space as well as for the installation. Do you trust them? Do you like them? If the company sent over contractors who turn up at your door unkempt, unshaven and unprofessional, it might be better to look for help elsewhere.


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